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Isis Fire Rope Dart


The Isis Fire Dart is handmade at Bonobo Flow and designed to have a dense weighting and long burn time! With a weighting of about 7.5 oz, it’s a great dart for beginners to start learning tricks but still have a large amount of fire. It’s also good for those who have martial styles of dart flow.

The leashes we use are made of 1/4″ Technora rope. Technora is one of the safest options available on the market. It has a high heat resistance and doesn’t require a different lead rope, so you have a continuous length of rope from the head to the handle. It gets softer the more you use it and is thicker than other rope options on the market, so you can have more rope to hold onto as you flow.

Additional Info

  • Head Weight: 7.5oz (215g)
  • Head Length: 5″
  • Leash Material: 1/4″ Technora Rope
  • Adjustable leash length comes at about 11 ft long
  • Slight variations of head weight might happen depending on Kevlar manufacturer used