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Fusion Contact Fire & Glow Staff Kit

From $199

LED Contact Staff
Fusion LED Contact Staff Base
LED Staff Flowers
Concentrate Battery Charger
Fire Ends
Fusion Contact Fire End - 550mm (21.7"), Silicone, No
Fire Staff Flowers

Why choose between LED and fire when you can have both? This Fusion modular system is the best way to go for a mix of portability, convenience, and variety.

The LED staff is at 1500mm (59″). If you want your fire staff to be 1500mm total than choose 550mm end lengths. If you want the fire staff to be 1700mm (67″) than choose the 650mm end lengths.

If you want to also turn this into a dragon staff, I recommend purchasing the 650mm fire end lengths without flowers and purchasing the V3 Hub Kit. FULLY MODULAR WHATTT

Additional Info

Staff Specs

  • Contact LED Glow Staff Length: 1500mm
  • Contact Fire Staff Length: 1500mm or 1700mm
  • Flowers add 0.25 lb to total staff weight

End Piece Specs

  • Fire Staff Wicks: 4″
  • LED Glow Ends: 1 AAA rechargeable per side
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