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Fusion Contact / Dragon Collapsible Fire Staff

From $299

Grip Type
Fire Spokes

If you’re looking for the most fire possible with your dragon staff setup, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re only offering this in the longest Fusion length (1700mm) because 8″ of the staff is the contact staff wicks and you’ll want at least 2-3″ past the wick to put the V3 hubs. The usable grip area is GREATLY reduced if you go any shorter than that.

With this setup, you can switch between having a regular contact staff and having an 8 or 10 spoke dragon staff (3-4 spokes per hub plus contact wicks).

Be warned though, this is the heaviest dragon staff iteration that is offered by Threeworlds. That being said, it’s the most visually appealing in most performing scenarios.

Additional Info

Staff Specs

  • Total Length: 1700mm
  • Contact Staff Wicks: 4″
  • Aluminum 7075 Core

Hub Specs

  • V3 Fusion Hubs
  • Fit 6 or 8 spokes per hub
  • Precision Engineered Aluminum 7075
  • 3mm Allen Key to remove spokes and hub

Spoke Specs

  • 7″ Length
  • 2″ Wicks
  • Durable/pliable Steel Cable Construction
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