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V3 vs Ultra Dragon Staff Hubs

Momo Bonobo

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So you wanna start flowing with a dragon staff, but now you realize there are a ton of options for size, grips, and then hubs too?! Well let’s go over some of the key differences of the Fusion Dragon Staff Hubs that are some of the most versatile and well known IN THE WORLD!

Note: F3 Hubs have been discontinued and replaced with Ultra Hubs. They were great while they lasted, but ultra hubs have more versatility anyways.

V3 Hubs

V3 Pro Hubs are hands down the most versatile dragon staff hubs available on the market. They are precision machined out of space grade Aluminum 7075 and weigh in at 99g.

What set’s these apart from any other hubs is:

  • Spokes are removable and interchangeable
  • Can fit 3 OR 4 spokes per side
  • Clamp onto any 22mm tubing
  • Spacers can be added to fit 19mm tubing
  • Fusion Quick Release End Caps can be used to quickly remove hubs (this adds weight though)

With some other hubs, you have to choose which of those features you want, but with the V3 hubs you can have them all! They’ve been around since 2013 and have gone through countless prototype changes over 3 years of development to give us the model that is available now.

V3 hubs are the heavier of the two options, and will make the dragon staff sink into your skin more than the Ultra hubs. They’re ideal for flow styles that involve slower and precise movements as it gives you more time to react to what the dragon staff is doing. That being said, you can also opt for 3 spokes per side and still enjoy all the features the V3 has to offer with a lower weight.

These hubs can be attached to contact staffs as well to give you a modular 2-in-1 prop. As long as the contact staff has 22mm tubing, it’ll fit the same way as it would on a pure staff. If your contact staff has 19mm tubing, then you just need to add the spacers to make them fit.

Because these clamp on to the outside of the tubing, we also recommend the 22mm Fusion Removable End Caps to protect the carbon fiber or aluminum shaft of your pure staff. These usually come with dragon staff setups and don’t need to be procured separately, but just in case you’re adding them to your own tubing you should be aware they exist.

Ultra Hubs

Ultra Hubs are the newest Fusion dragon staff innovation available. It’s predecessor was the F3 Ultralight Hub which worked similarly, but now it has more features. This is the most convenient dragon staff hub available because you can install and remove it from your pure staff tubing IN SECONDS. It utilizes the Fusion patented pressure-fit connectors which only takes a handful of twists to tighten into your tubing. Weighing in at 87g, it’s also machined out of space grade Aluminum 7075.

The key features of the Ultra Hubs are:

  • Spokes are removable and interchangeable
  • Can fit 3 OR 4 spokes per side
  • Utilize Fusion Pressure Fit Connectors for quick installation
  • Brings together the best aspects of V3 and F3 hubs

This hub needs to be installed in 22mm x 19mm tubing to fit correctly. No fusion end caps are needed. Because they’re pressure fit, they also can’t be installed onto contact staffs. The tradeoff is that they’re lighter than V3 hubs and can be installed and removed much more quickly with pressure fit connectors.

As the lighter option of the 2 hubs, these are ideal for people craving faster styles of flow. This could make it great for martial styles especially. When you opt for the 3 spoke configuration, you’ll end up with one of the lightest dragon staff options currently available!


You can’t go wrong with either option, so don’t fret too much about this decision. Here’s a little reference overview for the key differences between the two so you can start your dragon staff journey on the right foot:

V3 Hubs

  • Clamp onto tubing, so can be added to contact staffs
  • Spacers allow you to use on 19mm tubing
  • Heavier than Ultra Hubs, ideal for slower flow styles

Ultra Hubs

  • Fusion Pressure fit connectors allow lightning fast installation and removal of hubs
  • Inserted into tubing, so can’t be used with contact staffs
  • Lighter than V3 hubs, ideal for faster flow styles