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Silicone Grip (Threeworlds)


Price is for 1 foot, add total length needed to cart.

This silicone tubing is 19mm ID and 22mm OD. Can be used on any 22mm (7/8″) OD staffs

Fits all the regular fusion products. About 4 feet of tubing is generally used for staffs but this varies depending on staff length and preference. This listing is only for tubing.

Silicone grips are washable, durable, and gentle on the environment. They offer excellent grip when dry, ensuring optimal control during your performance.

While grip strength diminishes when wet, occasional wipes during practice can help keep them dry and maximize grip.

Additional Info

  • Material: Silicone
  • OD: 22 mm
  • ID: 19 mm
  • Fits: 22 mm (7/8) OD staffs and sticks
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