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Fusion Collapsible Carbon Fiber Dragon Staff

From $299

Fire Spokes
Spiral Claw Spokes

Made by Threeworlds, the Fusion collapsible carbon fiber dragon staff is DOPE. The staff is assembled with pressure-fit connectors and has no wobbles when set up. It has more options than any other dragon staff out there as far as we know. Spokes are interchangeable and it can even turn it into a contact staff if you buy the ends, so it’s like an all-in-one modular toy for stick spinners. Do you even staff????

Ordering from Threeworlds if you’re in North America can be a hassle because of shipping and customs from Australia. Skip customs and save time by ordering from us!

*Initial price is for staff and hubs without spokes, choose all options to see final price*

Hub Type

  • V3 Hubs (6 or 8 Spokes): The V3 hubs are the most versatile dragon staff hubs on the market. They clamp onto the outside of the staff and give you the option of switching between 3 or 4 spokes per hub, for a total of 6 or 8 spokes. V3 hubs are heavier than the F3 and Ultra hubs. End caps are included which need to go into the ends of the staff in order to protect the tube where the hubs clamp onto the staff. They are made of space-grade aluminum 7075, making them extremely durable. They can be attached to Threeworld’s Collapsible Fire Contact Staffs to make a combo Dragon/Contact Staff. Spacers can be utilized to attach these hubs to 19mm OD staffs.
  • Ultra Hubs (6 or 8 spokes): Ultra hubs combine the best aspects of the F3 and V3 Hubs. Utilizing the fusion’s patented quick release connectors, these can be installed and removed in seconds by inserting into the ends of your staff and twisting. They are made of space-grade aluminum 7075, making them extremely durable. They fit 3 or 4 spokes per hub for a total of 6 or 8 spokes. They are heavier than F3 hubs (19g difference) but slightly lighter than V3 hubs (12g difference). These are more convenient than V3 hubs, but cannot be attached to contact staffs or adapted to 19mm OD staffs. If your style of flow involves a lot of quick roll-direction switches, the V3 hubs might be a better fit for you.

Grip Type

  • Silicone: a continuous tubing made of high-temperature resistant silicone rubber. This particular tubing is air textured to make it more grippy compared to other types of silicone tubing. This also helps to reduce loss of traction in moist conditions.  It is one of the grippiest, most durable, and longest lasting grip material. Silicone is grippiest when clean and dry. Depending on the environment and person, occasional wipe downs to remove any moisture may be required. It is easier to clean compared to EPDM because you can spray it with water or rubbing alcohol and wipe down.
  • EPDM: a synthetic black rubber grip that is durable, grippy, and padded. In comparison to silicone, it is better at retaining grip in moist conditions and is slightly lighter. This makes it more suitable for consistently moist, humid, and dusty conditions. EPDM becomes more grippy with use and ages like a fine wine. It has a slight tendency to leave black residue on skin which can be cleaned with soap and water. This grip is better for those who don’t like to wipe down very often. If it does get dirty enough to be problematic, you can use a slightly moist towel to gently wipe down the grip. Do not spray down like you could for silicone.


Length is highly preferential for dragon and contact staffs. Although the general recommendation is between chest-height and up to chin-height, I’d recommend trying a friend’s staff if you have the option to and gauging it from there. That being said, here are some notes I have from my experience in the world of staffs if you have no frame of reference. Total length might be about 25 mm (1″) longer than listed length if you are using the F3 or Ultra Hubs because of adding the width of the hubs.

  • 1500mm (59″): I would venture to say that 1500mm is the most common size sold across the board for both dragon and contact staffs. Especially for the Fusion system, all three pieces of the collapsible staff are almost equal in length at 1500mm so this is the most portable size available if you love traveling with your staff. This length is the closest thing to a “one size fits all” length.
  • 1600mm (63″): This length is naturally the second most popular staff length. Momentum is slightly affected because of longer length so can be more suitable for slightly slower flow styles. If you are above 2m (6′) tall than this staff could be a better fit for you.


  • Fire Spokes: made with 2″ wrapped Kevlar wicks that are securely screwed into steel cable spokes. The spokes are very slightly pliable to receive the impact from dropping your dragon safely. This is the way to go if you wanna be a real fire-bender 🙂
  • Dragon Claws: 3D printed spokes that come in different colors. They are great to use when practicing because they are slightly heavier than fire spokes and can take more damage. This is one of the coolest daytime dragon staff spoke available anywhere.

Additional Info

Staff Dimensions

  • 1500mm (59″)
    • Silicone: 453g (1 lb)
    • EPDM: 436g (0.96 lb)
  • 1600mm (63″)
    • Silicone: 480g (1.06 lb)
    • EPDM: 459g (1.01 lb)
  • End Lengths:
    • 550mm (21.65″) for the 1500mm staff
    • 600mm (23.65″) for the 1600mm staff
  • Handle Length: 400mm (15.75″) not including length of fusion adapters
  • OD: 22mm (~7/8″)
  • OD Including Grip: ~25mm (~1″)
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism

V3 Hub

  • Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminum
  • Fits any 22mm (OD) tube
  • Designed to fit 3 or 4 spokes per hub
  • Remove by unscrewing only one screw per hub
  • Needs Fusion end caps to protect tubing where hub clamps on
  • Single Hub Weight: 99g

Ultra Hub

  • Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminum
  • Fits any 22mm (OD) x 19.1mm (ID) tube
  • Designed to fit 3 or 4 spokes per hub
  • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism
  • Single Hub Weight: 87g

Fire Spoke Dimensions

  • Weight: ~90g ~(0.2lb)
  • Wick Width: 2″
  • Overall Length: 180mm (7″)
  • Slight variations in spoke weighting can happen

Dragon Claw Spoke Dimensions

  • Dragon Claw Spoke Individual Weight: 100g (0.22lb)
  • Overall Length: 225mm curved (8.9″)

To calculate total weight when setup, add the staff weight, 2x dragon hubs, and the weight of the total number of spokes you would like.

Fire Safety

Safety Disclaimer