Fusion Collapsible Carbon Fiber Dragon Staff

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Made by Threeworlds, this fusion collapsible carbon fiber dragon staff is top of the line. The staff is assembled with fusion patented pressure-fit connectors and has no wobbles when set up. With different options for hubs, grips, and spokes, there is an endless amount of possible configurations. Spokes are interchangeable and removable. Contact staff ends (not included) can also be purchased to turn your dragon staff into a contact staff. That makes this setup fully modular. What could be cooler than that?


Total length when assembled is 1500mm (59″)


Total length when collapsed is 550mm (~22″)


*Initial price is for staff and hubs without spokes, choose all options to see final price*

Hub Type

  • F3 Ultralight (6 Spokes)- The F3 hubs are the lightest and most convenient dragon staff hubs on the market. Utilizing the fusion’s patented quick release connectors, these can be installed and removed in seconds by inserting into the ends of your staff and twisting. They are made of space-grade aluminum 7075, making them extremely durable. These hubs only fit 3 spokes per hub for a total of 6 on the dragon staff. F3 dragon staffs are lighter than the V3 dragons, and are better suited for faster styles of flow.
  • V3 Pro (6 or 8 Spokes)- The V3 hubs are the most versatile dragon staff hubs on the market. It clamps onto the outside of the staff and gives you the option of switching between 3 or 4 spokes per hub for a total of 6 or 8 spokes. V3 dragon staffs are heavier than the F3 dragons, and are better suited for slower flow styles. End caps are included which go into the ends of the staff in order to protect the tube where the hubs clamp onto the staff. These are also made of space-grade aluminum 7075. These hubs can also be attached to Threeworld’s Collapsible Contact Staffs to make a combo Dragon/Contact Staff.

Grip Type

  • Silicone: a continuous tubing made of high-temperature resistant silicone rubber. This particular silicone tubing is air textured to make it even grippier on the skin. It also helps to reduce loss of traction in moist conditions.  Silicone is the grippiest, most durable, and longest lasting grip material. Silicone is grippiest when clean and dry. Depending on the environment and person, occasional wipe downs to remove any moisture may be required. It is easier to clean compared to EPDM because you can spray it with water or rubbing alcohol and wipe down.
  • EPDM: a synthetic black rubber grip that is durable, grippy, and padded. In comparison to silicone, it is better at retaining grip in moist conditions. This makes it more suitable for consistently moist, humid, and dusty conditions compared to silicone. EPDM becomes more grippy with use and ages like a fine wine. It has a slight tendency to leave black residue on skin which can be cleaned with soap and water. This grip is better for those who don’t like to wipe down very often. If it does get dirty enough to be problematic, you can use a moist towel to gently wipe the grip.



  • Fire Spokes are made with 2″ wrapped Kevlar wicks that are securely screwed into steel cable spokes. The spokes are very slightly pliable to receive the impact from dropping your dragon safely. This is the way to go if you wanna be a real firebender 🙂
  • Dragon Claws are 3D printed spokes that come in different colors. They are great to use when practicing because they are slightly heavier than fire spokes and can take more damage. This is one of the coolest day prop dragon staff spoke available anywhere.
  • LED Spokes are made with polycarbonate tubes and capped with clear rubber caps. The LEDs are Ultralight Pros V2 from Ultrapoi. Each LED light has 2 ends, so each side is independently programmable. There are presets as well as custom color selection, which means there are endless numbers of combinations and possibilities! Ultrapoi also offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can buy with confidence and know that they will take care of you if anything ever happens to the lights. These lights do not sync together and must each be turned on separately. Using presets and programmed modes, you can have them set to turn on to the same setting to save time when turning each light on.


Additional Specs/Info

Staff Dimensions

  • Full Length: 1500mm (59″)
  • Handle Length: 400mm (15.75″)
  • End Lengths: 550mm (21.65″)
  • OD: 22mm (~7/8″)
  • OD Including Grip: 25mm (~1″)
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 476g (1.05lb)
  • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism


F3 Hub

  • Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminum
  • Fits any 22mm (OD) x 19.1mm (ID) tube
  • Designed to fit 3 spokes per hub
  • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism
  • Single Hub Weight: 68g (0.15lb)


V3 Hub

  • Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminum
  • Fits any 22mm (OD) tube
  • Designed to fit 3 or 4 spokes per hub
  • Remove by unscrewing only one screw per hub
  • Single Hub Weight: 98g (0.22lb)


Spoke Dimensions

  • Fire Spoke Individual Weight: ~90g ~(0.2lb)
  • Wick Width: 2″
  • Overall Length: 180mm (7″)


  • Dragon Claw Spoke Individual Weight: 100g (0.22lb)
  • Overall Length: 225mm curved (8.9″)


  • LED Spoke Individual Weight: 100g (0.22lb)
  • Overall Length: 180mm (7″)


To calculate total weight when setup, add the staff weight, 2x dragon hubs, and the weight of the total number of spokes you would like. The lightest dragon setup would be when utilizing F3 hubs, EPDM grip, and fire spokes.


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