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Ultra Hub Fire Dragon Adapter Kit

From $189

Ultra Dragon Staff Hubs
Fire Dragon Spokes

The Threeworlds Fusion Ultra Dragon Staff hubs are one of the newest innovations in the dragon world. This kit transforms any 22mm x 19mm tube into a fire dragon staff with fire spokes. The Ultra hubs have pressure fit connectors which allows for installation and removal in SECONDS!

The fire spokes are constructed of steel cable, making them very durable. Each spoke has 2″ wick which gives them a perfect weight and flame size.

Each Ultra hub can fit either 6 or 8 spokes. Comes with a 3mm allen key for spoke installation.

Additional Info

Fire Spoke

  • ~90g per spoke
  • Material: Steel Cable
  • 2″ (50mm) Kevlar Wick
  • 7″ Long

Ultra Hub

  • 92g per hub
  • 3 or 4 spokes per hub
  • Precision Machined Aluminum 7075
  • Fusion Patented Pressure-Fit Connectors