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Helix Poi Pro

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Developed alongside the world’s leading poi spinners, this revolutionary set surpasses all expectations for brightness, programmability, and user-friendliness. Experience dazzlingly bright and long-lasting LED lights, unleashing mesmerizing light shows with custom controls at your fingertips.

The fully assembled and adjustable leash setup ensures optimal flow, while ergonomic handles provide both comfort and precise control. The protective Helix Pro case safeguards your poi during even the most dynamic routines, and eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for wasteful disposables.

The Helix Poi Pro elevates your performance to new heights, unlocking your full potential and unleashing stunning light shows that will leave audiences in awe.


Additional Info

  • Weight: 2.6oz (72g) head
  • Length: 6″ (150mm) long
  • Adjustable leash length
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