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Fusion Fire Contact Staff

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Grip Type
Staff Flowers

Made by Threeworlds, this fusion collapsible fire contact staff is highly portable and convenient. The staff is assembled with pressure-fit connectors and has no wobbles when set up. The wicks are 4″ wide and are perfect for the traveling beginner and professional alike. Made of super durable space grade Aluminum 7075.

Total length when assembled is 1500mm (59″)

Total length when collapsed is 550mm (~22″)

Grip Type

  • Silicone: a continuous tubing made of high-temperature resistant silicone rubber. This particular silicone tubing is air textured to make it even grippier on the skin. It also helps to reduce loss of traction in moist conditions.  Silicone is the grippiest, most durable, and longest lasting grip material. It can be easily wiped down to keep your grip fresh and clean. Silicone is grippiest when clean and dry. Depending on the environment and person, occasional wipe downs to remove any moisture may be required.
  • EPDM: a synthetic black rubber grip that is durable, grippy, and padded. In comparison to silicone, it is better at retaining grip in moist conditions. This makes it more suitable for consistently moist and humid conditions compared to silicone. EPDM becomes more grippy with use and ages like a fine wine. It has a slight tendency to leave black residue on skin which can be cleaned with soap and water.

Staff Flowers

  • Staff flowers slow down the rolling speed of the staff by flaring out when the staff is in motion. This helps control the movements of the staff when rolling on your body during contact moves. They also add some additional weight near the ends of the staff. Contact moves are best done with staffs that have weight concentrated in the ends of the staff rather than the center.

Additional Specs/Info

Universal Specs

  • Handle Length: 400mm (15.75″)
  • Silicone Handle: 256g
  • EPDM Handle: 246g
  • OD: 22mm (~7/8″)
  • OD Including Grip: 25mm (~1″)
  • Material: Aluminum 7075
  • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism
  • Kevlar Wick Width: 100mm (4″)


  • 1500mm (59″)
    • End Length 550mm (21.7″)
    • Silicone: 305g
    • EPDM: 294g
  • 1700mm (67″)
    • End Length 650mm (25.6″)
    • Silicone: 353g
    • EPDM: 326g

Weight fluctuates minutely depending on stock of kevlar used during production

Improper use of any props can potentially affect your warranty.

Please be sure to fully read this page and the following links for more information

Fire Safety

Safety Disclaimer

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