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FlameFX Colored Flames Powder

From: $22

FlameFX colored flame powders are special effect powders that can be added to fire props to create colorful flames.

For best results, you will want to use denatured alcohol for the green and pink flame effects. Soak your prop in denatured alcohol, spin off, and then sprinkle the powder on the wicks.

Colored flame effects can cause your wicks to degrade much more quickly than spark effects. For this reason, some people like to have a prop that is dedicated to a colored flame (green flame set of poi, pink flame staff). This isn’t always financially viable but keep in mind the wicks will degrade once you switch back to using regular fuel after burning with colored fuel.

Additional Info

  • Denatured alcohol is the recommended fuel
  • Do not mix with sparkle effects because of unhealthy chemical reactions
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