Fire Mace


Made by Bonobo Flow, these fire maces are inspired by the Steel Mace Flow movement. Weighing in at around 4 pounds, these maces are weighted to swing like their heavier cousins used in the fitness world. The hand-knotted wicks are symmetrical and designed to produce a large amount of fire as well as soak a large amount of fuel. The spin-offs on these maces are RAD!!! Gripped with high-temperature resistant white silicone for safety.


Lead time for handmade products is 1-2 weeks!

Additional Specs/Info

Mace Dimensions

  • OD: 1″
  • OD with grip: 1 1/8″
  • Length: ~40″
  • Weight: ~4 lbs
  • Thick Wall Aluminum 6061 Core
  • Solid Steel Counterweight
  • Kevlar-Fiberglass Blend Rope Wick
  • Heavy Duty Metal Reinforced Rubber Safety Cap


Includes 1 x Wick Cover


Improper use of any props can potentially affect your warranty.


Please be sure to fully read this page and the following links for more information


Fire Safety


Safety Disclaimer

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