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Fabric Poi

From: $49

These handmade fabric poi are collaborations between Bonobo Flow and SOUL FLARE! Sewn with love, these poi are the perfect weight and softness for beginners and professionals alike. Made with spandex and lightweight rubber balls, these are perfect for practicing new moves as they are very lightweight and don’t hurt when you hit yourself. Pack them up in your bag and take them traveling with you as they are highly portable. The colorful designs will make for a conversation starter anywhere you go!

Sold as a pair of poi.

Fabric Design

  • Acid Tie-Dye and Rainbow Leopard are not just super colorful designs, but they are also UV reactive. Be warned if there’s a blacklight around, as these are sure to turn some heads whether you’re at home or at a concert! The fabric on these are slightly more stretchy than the reflective poi.
  • Scarab and Gold Shatter are shiny and glamorous out in the sunlight. They’re super reflective making them a very fun prop to have when it’s bright out, and also very visible in dimmer settings too. The fabric on these are slightly more taut than the UV reactive poi.

Handle Type

  • Fabric Loop is a knot made at the end of the fabric with the poi. These are very versatile as the knot can be changed to be a single finger loop, double finger loop, wrist loop, or any variation of loop that can be knotted. We will upload a video soon on the different knots and handles we’ve come up that are our favorites.
  • Gorilla Knobs are made of hard, durable plastic and are on the larger side to give you a sizable handle to hold onto. These are fun to use if you like to have something to grab onto or if you might try your hand at tosses or poi juggling as they have a good weight to them!
  • UltraKnobs made by Ultrapoi are a poi spinner favorite LED knob. With dozens of light settings, these are great LED options for those who want to really glow up in the dark, and especially great if you want to do those tosses in dark settings. These have a limited life-time warranty through Ultrapoi, and you can use this link to request product service.

Additional Info

  • Poi Weight: 100g each poi
  • Length: Each poi is adjustable but starts at 25″