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Digi LED Glow Stick


Ditch disposables and embrace brilliance with the Rechargeable LED Glow Stick!

This eco-friendly glow stick boasts a rechargeable battery for endless fun, eliminating waste and the need for constant replacements. Its durable build tackles bumps and drops with ease, ensuring worry-free use.

Choose your perfect glow from 7 solid and 5 multi-color modes, and prevent accidental activation and battery drain with the convenient lockout mode. The included lanyard/S-hook allows for easy attachment to a backpack, belt loop, or anywhere you need quick access to light.

This versatile glow stick is perfect for emergencies, nighttime adventures, or simply lighting up your fun!

Sold individually

Additional Info

  • Weight: 0.8 oz (22g) glow stick
  • Length: 5″ (125mm) long
  • Built-in LiPo Battery with 6-14 hour capacity
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