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Common Flow Arts Terminology

Flow artist spinning LED poi

So, you’re new to flow arts eh? Just like any other community, there’s a lot of slang that comes with the territory. I’m going to cover all of the most common words you’ll hear at a flow jam. Hopefully you feel a little less lost at your next flow jam by the time we’re done […]

3, 4, or 5 Spoke Dragon Staffs?

threeworlds fusion collapsible carbon fiber dragon staff kit

Most dragon staff configurations have 3 to 5 spokes, but what is the difference? Let’s delve into it! 3 and 4 spoke dragons are pretty self-explanatory. That’s the number of spokes on each end. When we refer to 5 spoke dragons though, it is a 4 spoke dragon staff with an extra end wick (or […]

V3 vs Ultra Dragon Staff Hubs

threeworlds fusion ultra hubs

So you wanna start flowing with a dragon staff, but now you realize there are a ton of options for size, grips, and then hubs too?! Well let’s go over some of the key differences of the Fusion Dragon Staff Hubs that are some of the most versatile and well known IN THE WORLD! Note: […]

Fire Safety

Steel wool fire spinning

Fire spinning is inherently dangerous. Even when following these safety precautions and protocols, there are dangers that cannot be completely avoided. We cannot assure you that nothing will go wrong even if you follow all these precautions. If you are not willing to assume full risk and liability as outlined in the safety disclaimer, DO […]

How to Maintain Fire Prop Wicks

bonobo flow isis fire rope dart

As a fire performer, your props are the lifeblood of your art. Proper maintenance of these tools is critical, not only to ensure their longevity but also to guarantee the safety of you and the audience. This guide will help you understand the best practices for maintaining your fire props. Understanding Your Fire Props Before […]

Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber in Flow Props

Carbon fiber tubing in different sizes

With some minor exceptions (some LED props especially), almost all stick based flow props use a shaft made of either aluminum or carbon fiber. Although carbon fiber is generally seen as the superior choice for flow props, aluminum comes in many different alloys that can be strong enough for many applications where carbon fiber could […]

What Is the Best Staff Grip?

staffs gripped with white silicone and black epdm grip

There are a ton of grips used in the flow arts for staffs and stick props. If you’re new to flow arts or to stick props, this can be an overwhelming decision to make. Sometimes the right grip can make the difference between easily learning new moves and struggling to do the most simple things. […]

How to Use the Fusion Pressure-Fit Connectors

threeworlds fusion contact LED staff collapsed

One of the most common issues people have with the Threeworlds products they get from us is regarding the pressure fit connectors that Threeworlds Fusion products use. This is the best collapsible and modular system available for contact and dragon staffs so hopefully this article sheds some light on how to correctly use the system […]

Flat Wick vs Knotted Wick Fire Props

bonobo flow monkey fist palm torches

Most fire props will generally either have flat wicks or knotted wicks. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between these two are, you’ve come to the right place. Skip to conclusion Flat Wick Fire Props Flat wick fire props are the most common and budget friendly props you can find. They are used in […]

How to Choose the Right Staff Diameter

fire performer with fire dragon staff

Staffs come in all shapes and sizes. Although there isn’t always an option to choose your staff diameter, we’re gonna delve a bit deeper into how diameter affects the flow of a prop and also talk about the most common diameter for the most common stick props. I’ll also give you a bunch of personal […]

How to Choose the Perfect Staff Length

fire performer holding fire staff

The perfect staff length is not a very easy thing to define for everyone as it really depends on what factors you value most. Many beginners will really overthink this question before buying their first staff, but my aim is to shed some light on the topic and to simplify the choosing process. To preface […]

What is a Hula Hoop?

flow artist holding a hula hoop

The hoop, in its many forms, has been an instrument of play, ritual, and performance throughout human history. Its simplicity—just a ring, big or small—has allowed it to transcend cultures and eras, continually finding new expressions and purposes. One of the earliest and most significant cultural uses of the hoop was in the Native American […]